Backgammon for All Ages, for All Races

One particular characteristic of backgammon is having a lot of variants. It may be safe to say that it is one of the gambling games which had been revised the most all throughout history. Some variants are for kids, with simpler rules, while other backgammon variants have special rules for more complicated gambling players.

Here are some examples of those backgammon variants:

Blast Off- this is one backgammon variant that was made for kids who beginners in the game of backgammon. In this variant, none of the markers can be hit. Because of simpler rules, this variant is commonly played by gambling players who are playing backgammon for the first time. It is simple because it is used to familiarize the novice gambling players with the basics of the game. It would be hard for novice players to fully understand the game of backgammon if you force them to learn the complex moves right away. So in effect, this variant is an introductory course to the more common backgammon.

Blocking Backgammon - this is much like the blast off because the rules are also simple. They are so simple that Middle Eastern kids love to play this backgammon variant. Again, this may be played by novice gambling players since the rules are not that complicated.

Eureika - this backgammon variant is very much similar with Blocking Backgammon, only that luck plays a bigger part here. Eureika and Blocking Backgammon are both among the favorites of Middle Eastern kids, plus they are both used to teach newcomers to the games the basics of backgammon.

American Acey Deucey - few gambling players know that the Acey Deucey variant has a number of subtypes. This one was played by the marines during World War I, and has been famous ever since.

Greek Acey Deucey - this is another subtype of the Acey Deucey Backgammon. It varies from the American subtype since the gambling player may compel the enemy to hit his blots.

Mexican Backgammon - when playing this variant, gambling players must not put more than five markers on any of the points.

Isn't it now obvious that backgammon is for all ages and that it has been played all around the world? It is really undeniable that backgammon is among the most popular gambling games of all time. It is still a wonder why many gambling houses do not offer backgammon to their clients. If they knew just how much rich the backgammon culture is, they will put more room for backgammon in their halls.