Basic Knowledge of Backgammon Instructions

Backgammon is one of the many games that people are anxious to learn. They have the notion that due to its status as one of the most ancient games, it must be quite challenging to learn the game or boring to play.

Backgammon has been one of the favorite games for so many years now, because anybody can understand the rules and it provides excitement. When you buy backgammon, you will possibly get a manual of instructions to assist you in learning the game of backgammon. The principal aim in backgammon is to advance the checkers to the board of your opponent, and then clear the pieces from the board. The first player to remove all his checkers wins the game.

Start the game by choosing which player makes the first move. This is done through dice rolling with the player with the highest roll playing first. The two players alternate in the rolling of the dice and advancing the checkers to the opposite side. Two dice must be rolled prior to the turn. The numbers showing up on the dice represents the number of spaces you advance to the game board. In this scenario, several possibilities can be done: moving one checker seven spaces or the roll can be divided into two moves with one checker moving three spaces, and the other moving four spaces. After rolling the dice, move the checkers corresponding to the numbers on the dice. The rules of backgammon are very simple and can be easily learned.

Backgammon becomes more challenging, for example, if you hit doubles. If similar numbers show on the two dice, the player who gets the double is permitted to move twice the number, hence a roll of 4-4 means that the doubling player gets four turns of four, rather than two.

The game board spaces are referred to as "points." You achieve control over a point when more than two of your pieces occupy that point. When this ensues, the opposing player cannot stop on that point, even if the move is a part of a combination. Otherwise, if there is a single piece on a single point, then your piece is in danger of being removed by your opponent.

The rules of playing backgammon are very easy to learn. When you experience situations that are unfamiliar to you, your backgammon manual can come in handy.

If you are a beginner in the game of backgammon and you are playing against a seasoned player, you will be able to acquire new learning and pick up new things throughout the game. Who knows, in just a short time, you become an expert in backgammon, ready to impart your knowledge to another newcomer.