FIBS for the Newbies to Backgammon

Many of you may be familiar with the traditional backgammon game as it is a game known to have its roots far back to the ancient times of Mesopotamia. But in this modern age, backgammon is now also present online and the First Internet Backgammon Server was formed.

FIBS which is an acronym that stands for the First Internet Backgammon Server, is an online server which allows online users to be able to play a game of backgammon against real people in real time! Although some times, there are also some backgammon bots available. This would mean that a player may choose to play against a computer or against a machine. There are many players that possess varying skills and abilities that subscribe to the services of the First Internet Backgammon Server, be it young or old; from the experienced players to those that are only just beginning to learn the game; to those who play for fun and those that seriously contend in various backgammon championship tournaments. The list goes on and on!

Online Backgammon is played in about the same way as it would be played in real life. In the FIBS, the rules that are being followed are that of the international rules. But there are also many cases where a number of local and not so formal variants that are present. The tournament games for the First Internet Backgammon Server would contain the Crawford Rule. Whereas certain matches with unlimited time may be implement by the FIBS with a number of game rule variations that are used a lot in playing for money except in the case of the Jacoby Rule. There is the presence of automatic doubles, raccoons, and beavers.

And in a number of cases when a player is not sure of what to do or about a certain rule, he may then ask or post his queries in public chat rooms and public shout-outs. There are many of the more experienced users that are very accommodating and helpful towards the new online backgammon players. Chatting with other players or other opponents in a game is very much possible. Some players may be very chatty during a match, while there are also others that choose to play in silence. Of course, it is always polite to say hello or give a good greeting before starting a match, and then upon ending one, to show gratitude to the other player by saying a simple thank you.

The FIBS is a good way for online players of backgammon to communicate with other online players, as well as to have matches in real time.